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How can we help ensure your concept is assessed and transformed into a reality?



My name is Zoë Warwick and I am the founder of  concepts4change. Since 1997 I have been successfully assisting groups and individuals across Australia to find the inspiration, information skills and confidence they require to implement real and meaningful change. Welcome to concepts4change.


My expertise and qualifications are in Business, Musical Theatre, Media, Education & Community Development. I work with a range of specialists including but not limited to people with expertise in; research, psychology, business, arts, health, education and media.


I provide a range of solutions for decision makers trying to lead change. Sometimes  I  coordinate a team of subcontracting professionals and other times groups come to me and I  fulfil a temporary skill need. Often as a part of my services I refer specialists or co-deliver services to meet customised needs of individuals or teams.


What is Concepts4Change?

Concepts4change is a social enterprise that engages with clients, projects and ideas to inform, empower and facilitate positive change. While I am the principal consultant I often work with or refer other professionals to meet potential client needs.


 VALUES ALIGNMENT:  Over the years it has become clear that working with organisations and individuals whose values differ just doesn't work. So, rather than waste your time and investment  I'm upfront about C4C projects that have values alignment. 


Integrity    Doing what we say we'll do with openess and transparency

Candour   Ensuring that evidence based, safe and robust decision making leads 

 Joyful        Realistic and purpose driven activities with excellent communicators    

Inclusive   That all events and projects aim to engage and reflect our diverse clients


Services include;

  • Professional Facilitation & Community Consultation

  • Education & Learning Development & Delivery

  • Project Management

  • Performance Development Direction and Artistic

  • Media advisory services

  • Inclusion Advocacy

  • Organisational Development.






Zoë Warwick - Founder and Principal Director