What some people think

Below are just some of the nice things people have said who we've worked with.

It was great to explore the future of technology and learning in our classrooms. I really enjoyed sharing this day with people other than teachers in our school.

North Morley Primary

A Different Way Home - A Community project and performance.

Under Zoe Warwick’s intelligent directorial supervision, Dalton has formulated two characters that could not be more different. Dalton’s brilliant timing, combined with Chinn’s sharp and considered dialogue, all hit the target to make this a memorable and immersive experience.

This is a technical and artistic triumph on every level, which leaves you wanting more.

Theatre People

Implementing Effective Change Management Facilitated session.

"Excellent reminder of practical tools,especially for experienced workers ,when burn out can be an issue".

Leah  - Legal Aid

Touched By Suicide workshop for Community Arts Network "  

I think it would be awesome for such workshops to be shared at the next mental health conference, mental health awareness week / suicide prevention week / homelessness week - At various events that facilitate more healing.
I look forward to being involved in future workshops & events.


The Daring Way
This  two days of personal development have changed my life. I now feel that I have the tools to let go of some people in my life and I can confidently step into my own future.
Thank you so much for all your time and patience.