Cybersafety Basics Workshops
Playing Videogames

These highly popular sessions support parents and

families to support young users.


It is recommended you have an agreement in place BEFORE

a child uses any device outside of schools protected internet

environment. And if you own the device doesn't it make

sense that you make the rules, especially if legally,

everything searched and downloaded is yours?


As the first educator of your child, you'd never let your child

behind the wheel of a car without a licence.


So why do we provide our children with unsupervised internet-connected

devices that are the doorway to pornography, predators, exploitation, scammers and radicalisation before they know how to respect, respond and recover from inevitable online-enabled experiences?


We provide people who want to keep children safe online by;


  • Extending the protective behaviours framework to the online environment

  • Helping adults to help young people to keep themselves safe online

  • Help adults talk about pornography without talking about sex with children under 12

  • Understand the cyber safety basics - pro's & cons of the internet

  • Parent support on navigating and sharing safe and unsafe apps & sites

  • Parent support for inhibiting  addiction, online predators, scammers

  • Parent support for responding to image-based abuse, cyberbullying

  • Explore if Netnanny services are for you

  • Porn proofing kids (under 12's)

  • Asset-based parenting to broker technology agreements with kids

  • Creating a safer environment for helping disclosure when it goes bad

  • Knowing where and how to report concerns


This could be the most important conversation and agreement you ever have with your child. It's not difficult and it's just an extension of good parenting guidelines and communication.

"Don't hate the media, Be the media"
Indie Media RTRFM 92.1

Multi-Platform Media Training


Community broadcasting is a vital part of the Australian media landscape. The 450+ radio services broadcasting across Australia play an important role in providing the voice of modern Australia for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting services.

These include:

  • Indigenous Australians

  • Ethnic communities

  • Educational services

  • Religious communities

  • Print disabled communities

  • Australian and non- mainstream music, arts and cultural services

  • Young Australians

  •  Seniors’ communities

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make and read the news, write and present a radio program or perhaps your a tech geek then get involved! We may even see you at a training session.
Media Law
Did you know having a podcast series doesn't mean you can say anything you like? Does it exclude you from being prosecuted under Australian Broadcasting Act? From Defamation legal actions? 
Spokesperson training
IF you are the media spokesperson for your organisation you need to do this training. Whether it's to brush up or to learn some tricks of the trade you can never get enough practice with a real journalist.
How to get your message and hook right and when to pitch your campaigns is vital. Yes, you can get on The Project but is that what's right for getting to your audience?
We'll help you explore your values, explore the marketing of your messages and then take you into studios to practice presentation skills. 

"You can choose courage or comfort ... But you can't have both."

Dr. Brené Brown


Spring Program 

10-week Resilience Bootcamp

Starts 26th September! 

6pm - 9pm

15 places only

Click here to book


Dr Brené Brown - Program Developer


        Resilience workshops

Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ Workshops


This program is based on the most extensive and insightful global research findings into shame, vulnerability and resilience by Dr Brené Brown.


Participants consistently express the programs impact on their lives as being "Thought-provoking, life-changing and providing not only insight but easy ways for improving productivity in the workplace but improvements in personal relationships.


This enjoyable, self-reflective arts-based learning process to increase personal control provides easy to apply concepts to any therapeutic or personal setting.


Participants determine their own pace of sharing results across the 12  key reflective activities with other participants over the course of the program. Confidentiality, a non-judgemental approach and peer-supported learning are fundamental practices throughout the program.


Part 1 -Daring Way™ examines the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that are holding us back and identify the new choices and practices that move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living.

Part 2 -Rising Strong™ provides participants with process tools to rise from our falls, overcome our mistakes, and face hurt in a way that brings more wisdom and wholeheartedness.

Critical and Creative Thinking for Business
Governance - Being on a Board 
We will take you through the latest changes to the incorporations act from the perspective of a board member on a community radio station and cover some aspects of Media Law compliance you will need to know. We'll also touch on financial management basics and who is responsible for what. With our years of experience, we can give you some great tips and tricks for hiring the right board mix and understand your areas of influence v control.
Management & Leadership Workshops
We can provide one of  8 workshops to support managers to improve effectiveness and efficiency including;
  • Motivating staff
  • Leadership style review
  • Time management
  • How to Delegate like...a boss
  • Recruitment beyond selection criteria
  • Setting and following through with goals
  • Providing feedback & having difficult conversations
  • Building teams that achieve outcomes with ease

Creative thinking


We provide creative challenges and tools for creative thinking to develop options for disruption, innovation and problem solving.


Scenario skills testing & secret shoppers from diverse backgrounds - Professional actors help test the skills of your staff





We all have a story...and a chance to celebrate and create connection through sharing them


Sensory Story Telling & Showing

Involves others in sharing musical expression is a joy-filled experience everyone should experience at least once in Celebrating life is seldom done. Yet there are so many wonderful stories of resilience, loss and achievement yet to be told and heard. Facilitated storytelling that in their lives.


Any group with a commonality can use this mode to explore and celebrate their unique diversity.

Often Sensory life stories are associated with people with dementia and others with limited vocal expression. It empowers individuals to tell their stories because they can be told effectively without relying on words. 

This may encourage confidence in ‘total communication’, strategies using multiple modes of communication which value non-speech forms (Jones 2000) and increase communicative effectiveness in people with dementia (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists 2013).  Telling a story creates opportunities for connecting with others.

Live Performance - Working with Artists


Working with Artists to enable their potential to create unforgetable live performance experiences that captivate audiences. 


"When family is what you need ... but not what you want"

This image is from an immersive performance by the charismatic and award winning cabaret artist Michael Dalton whose bravery to explore his potential as a dramatic actor took on two dramatic character roles, to the delight of Melbourne audiences in the leading edge performance space Chapel off Chapel.

The show was a hit and Michael and C4C received rave reviews for the production.


 A Different Way Home is a hilarious yet heart-wrenching performance requiring the artist to play a brother in the first half and sister in the second. 

Not an average post performance Q&A...

Working with leaders in Aged Care Annecto

and The City of Stonnington Arts and

Community Development we developed a

support session post-performance.

Here our partners engaged carers from across Melbourne to attend the performance and share their needs and concerns with a panel of age care and carer support services. Using the performance themes to assess how both characters could have made life easier using local resources. This unique approach to connecting and supporting communities beyond the traditional Q& A was a delight to Direct and project manage.


A different way home is a performance for everyone.


For anyone with an ageing parent or anyone who will die.


 Our community partners are still keen to bring new audiences to this work from across Australia and to share expertise the existing challenges and services that are available for ageing fabulously! So If your community could benefit. Call us.